[CT Birds] European vagrants possibly on the way?

brian kulvete briankulvete at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 09:56:47 EDT 2016

I was doing my weekly Birdcast report review and this last paragraph for the Northeast report really got me excited...

"A brief aside – the polar vortex that is and will continue to keep much cooler temperatures in place in the region is also influencing the formation of a strong high pressure center over Greenland (a “rex block” – see this old gem). This high pressure typically creates a circulation favorable for bringing European vagrants to northeastern North America (particularly on the front lines of Newfoundland). Birders in coastal New England and Maritime Canada should stay alert for such goodies as Northern Lapwing, European Golden-Plover, Black-tailed Godwit and more in the coming two weeks."

I know CT is located a little further inland than most coastal New England, but have any of these species shown up in our state?  I know ANYTHING is possible, but I wasn't sure if weather like this affects more of the Maine, NH and MA coastline than us.   It would be so cool to see a Northern Lapwing, or any of these species.

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