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There have been studies that have attempted to discern the effect of noise
on breeding birds. However I believe the type of noise in question was
sustained noise levels, such as traffic on busy roads. If I recall, the
results were that the louder the singing individual, the better the breeding
success in such noisy habitats.    Quieter individuals lose out. No surprise
there I should think, but that does suggest that sustained noise is a stress
to be overcome by breeding birds. Also interesting was a study that showed
that humans who experienced sustained chaotic noise (I believe in Mumbai
India), and who believed they were accustomed to it and therefore not
stressed by it, showed the same physiological stress indications that people
who were not used to such chaos showed when exposed to it. So, conceivably
birds exposed to sustained noise are also "comfortable", though existing at
a higher stress level than otherwise would be. I realize (having discharged
many a firearm in my day) that a gun range is not really the same thing as a
sustained raised decibel level such as a highway. And while I know I can not
reliably discern the stress level of a bird by casual observation, I suspect
gun ranges likely do increase stress levels in nearby birds, but also that
the stress is much less impacting than nearby busy road noise, which is
often sustained both day and night. If, while birding, I had to chose
between intermittent gunfire at a range and sustained road noise (at the
same decibel level), I'd take the intermittent gunfire. This presumes of
course I'm not the target. 

Dave Provencher

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