[CT Birds] Gun range

Eleanor Linkkila elinkkila at charter.net
Sat Apr 16 11:01:45 EDT 2016

No, I don’t believe this is “classic NIMBY”; it is about trying to protect our environment.  At the hearing it was stated that it would be used into the evening and occasionally on weekends.  And it is not only training for CT police but for personnel from other states.  The sad part is that we are in The Last Green Valley which is one of only 49 National Heritage Corridors set aside by Congress for their value as to historic, cultural and environmental quality.  The reason it is called The Last Green Valley is that when one flies from Washington to Boston this area is the dark portion of the corridor.  I also believe it is the largest forested area in southern New England.  There are many industrial/commercial areas of our diverse little state.  

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