[CT Birds] Help in ID'ing a hawk

Jeffrey Sonshine jeffrey.sonshine at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 14:22:12 EDT 2016

I was at the Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary and there was a hawk soaring
over head being chased by some blackbirds.  He hung out quite a while.  He
wasn't a Red Tail or Red Shoulder.  From underneath he had a light colored
breast, no streaks or spots.  The tail was a uniform dark color, no
stripes.  The edges of wing tips were black as were his shoulders.  From
the top, He looked mottled brown and had a very noticable white patch at
the base of his tail.  In checking my Field Guide my best guess would be a
Rough-legged Hawk but I'm reluctant to post this due to its rarity.  Is
there another hawk that he might be?

Jeffrey Sonshine, CFP
36 Laurel Ledge Court
Stamford, CT 06903

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