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Kinder Morgan is suspending its fracked gas pipeline in the northeast. An incredible example of what citizens can do to affect these projects. I never thought it would happen. 


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Pipeline halt is early Earth Day gift for Connecticut’s drinking water and environment
Kinder Morgan suspends fracked gas pipeline project, citing lack of market demand
New Haven, Conn.— Environmental organizations around the state, including Connecticut Fund for the Environment, welcomed this evening’s news that Kinder Morgan’s proposed Northeast Energy Direct natural gas pipeline project has been suspended. The company cited a lack of new consumers as a major reason behind their decision. 
“The halt of Kinder Morgan's Northeast Energy Direct project is a regional victory for clean energy and a local victory for protected lands and safe drinking water,” said Leah Schmalz, program director at Connecticut Fund for the Environment. “In Connecticut, a section of pipeline would have damaged some of the state’s most protected open space—lands that clean drinking water for hundreds of thousands of state residents and provide some of the best recreational hiking areas in the region. Today’s news proves that citizens can achieve great things when they band together and we’re thrilled that these lands will remain protected for generations to come.”
Significant opposition sprang up in Connecticut when the company proposed constructing a corridor through class I and class II protected watershed lands owned by MDC, which supplies drinking water to hundreds of thousands of residents. Today’s decision is a victory for Connecticut’s immediate environment and a wider win for the energy mix of the New England region.
“Audubon Connecticut is pleased that this project has been suspended. It would have had a negative impact on protected watershed lands and the forest birds that they support through the disturbance of critical habitat for Wood Thrush, Scarlet Tanager, and other forest birds we seek to protect,” said Patrick Comins, director of bird conservation for Audubon Connecticut.
“At Rivers Alliance, we are especially relieved that Kinder-Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline will not be installing a major new line through the MDC reservoir lands in West Hartford,” said Margaret Miner, executive director of Rivers Alliance of CT. “This route would have been a violation of the state's most highly protected source-water lands, called Class I and II lands. We hope this turn of events will provide an opportunity to study to what extent there is any urgent need to pipe fracked gas into and through Connecticut. This kind of extraction contaminates five million gallons per well, and there are thousands of wells. It is basically trading water for gas.”  
“Northeast Energy Direct was a bad deal for Connecticut and should be canceled altogether. Our state needs to ramp up our clean energy infrastructure, not expand gas pipelines that tie us to fossil fuels,” said Louis Burch, program director for Citizens Campaign for the Environment.
“Thousands of individual citizens questioned the need for another pipeline and opposed the proposed route through environmentally sensitive areas,” said Jack Looney, attorney for CFE. “Fortunately economic reality proved that additional natural gas capacity was not needed and our water supplies and other natural resources have been spared unnecessary destruction.”
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