[CT Birds] Summer Tanager? Or Saffron Finch.

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 21 20:59:44 EDT 2016

4/21. Brookfield, Old Grays Bridge Rd. ball field - Today Chris Bosak found and photographed a mostly yellow bird with some orange on the head. At first glance he thought it was maybe an early Yellow Warbler. But with the orangey head, he suspected maybe it was a young male Summer Tanager. He texted a photo to me, and after some consideration as to ID, I suggested it looked like a male SAFFRON FINCH, a species native to Venezuela, Brazil and other South American countries. It is also kept as a cage bird, probably mostly by people from that region.

Check out Chris' photos and write-up on his blog:


Wasn't a "possible Western Tanager" also reported from CT recently?

Frank Mantlik

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