[CT Birds] Connecticut Young Birders Club takes on the World Series of Birding

Brendan Murtha bmskua at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 25 16:13:46 EDT 2016

Hello all,
On May 14th the Connecticut Young Birders Club will be competing in NJ Audubon's World Series of Birding down in Cape May, NJ.  Our team, the CTYBC Darth Waders, will consist of Alex Burdo, Jory Teltser, Peter Thompson and myself, along with our designated driver Sean Murtha (sorry dad).  Over the course of 24 hours, we will scour Cape May County in an ambitious big day route that will likely net us 130-170 species depending on the conditions.  We are thrilled to be representing our club and the Connecticut birding community at such an event.
The World Series of Birding is primarily a fundraising opportunity, and each year it brings in thousands of dollars towards a myriad of different conservation, outreach, and recreation programs/organizations with birds at heart.  This year, we will be raising money both for the Connecticut Young Birders Club and Bicknell's Thrush research and conservation work at the Vermont Center for EcoStudies, work we were lucky enough to get involved with last year on our trip up to Mount Mansfield, VT.  The money that goes directly to us at the club will be used to expand our outreach, fund future field trips, and hopefully set up scholarship programs in support of young CT birders who can't afford bird-related camps or programs.
Any support from you would be greatly appreciated.  One easy way to donate is to pledge a certain amount per bird (it can be as small as 5¢ per bird or something in that range).  Or, you can donate a lump sum.  Regardless, all donations will be collected after the big day.  
If you are interested in supporting our cause, please contact me at this email (bmskua at sbcglobal.net) or text/call me at (203) 832-5150.  Even the smallest donation would be greatly appreciated.  
We hope to have a great day in Cape May, see some awesome birds, and really put the word out about the vibrant young birding community in our state.  Although our club is nowhere near as large as young birder clubs in neighboring states, we have some truly talented young naturalists amongst us and hope our outreach efforts will discover more.  If you know any CT young birders who might be on the fence, this would be a great time to put them in contact with myself or any other club member.
Thank you all, and I hope to hear from some of you as our big day approaches!  
Good birding, 
Brendan MurthaCTYBC PresidentNorwalk


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