[CT Birds] East Rock: Field Sparrow, BH Grosbeak, Warbling Vireo, Catbird

Kimberly Jannarone kimberlyjannarone at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 25 16:44:09 EDT 2016

A quick walk along the water between College Woods and the athletic fields this morning (8-9:30am) turned up some new (at least to me) arrivals, and the whole morning was thick with song.

In the woods by the fields, two squeaky roller coaster songs were on repeat throughout the morning: a WARBLING VIREO and a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK both singing, off and mostly on, for almost an hour.

One FIELD SPARROW was foraging in the grass, and the White-Throated Sparrows were singing up a storm.

As I was leaving the woods, up popped a GRAY CATBIRD.  I stopped to admire it, having missed this species for months, and was treated to a few minutes of its sotto voice--It sang a little version of its song with its bill closed, and I watched its throat move with the soft syllables it was practicing.

Good birding,

Kimberly Jannarone

New Haven

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