[CT Birds] FOY Yardbird

Tricia Reid reidtri at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 16:56:16 EDT 2016

Looked up from washing dishes last evening to a FOY yard catbird sitting on
top of the feeder right outside the window, watching me intently. I have a
breeding pair in the yard every year. No hummers yet though.
Down at the Common Fields two early arrival barn swallows, two pairs of
wood ducks, a GBH every evening and a multitude of RW blackbirds on the
island nesting territory. The town took away the bench at the south end of
the pond with currently no $$ allocated to replace it. Unfortunate, as that
was a much better viewing spot than where the hide was built. Jennifer
Kaufman at Mansfield Parks and Recreation can be contacted if you wish to
join with me in requesting it be replaced?
Sunday, while walking the trails off Rt 89 across from SE School, there was
a FOY, for me, Eastern Kingbird, and what I believe were two Cave Swallows
(no white forehead) darting in and out of a culvert beneath one of the

Tricia Reid
​, Mansfield Center​
reidtri at gmail.com

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