[CT Birds] Westport highlights yesterday and today

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Wed Apr 27 11:50:08 EDT 2016

Lots of activity in Westport yesterday even with the chilly damp conditions. Today was more quiet at Sherwood but active in the Longshore Park area.

Sherwood Island SP yesterday- 3 Least Sandpipers,27 Greater Yellowlegs,3 Blue-headed Vireos,Blue-gray Gnatcatchers,11 Ruby-crowned Kinglets,Gray Catbirds,6 Black-and-white,Yellow,Pine,and Yellow-rumped Warblers,Field Sparrows,and the big surprise of 50+ White-throated Sparrows and 26+ Eastern Towhees. All these birds plus other species were seen in a small area of the spruce grove.An amazing few hours at the park.
Jory Teltser's Cul-de-sac 4/26-
1 White-eyed and 2 Blue-headed Vireos,Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, many Ruby and 1 Golden-crowned Kinglets,Hermit and Wood Thrush,Ovenbird,Blue-winged,Black-and-white,Yellow,andYellow-rumpled Warblers plus a Northern Parula. 

Vista Terrace (Longshore Park area) today- 2 Blue-headed Vireos,Ruby-crowned Kinglets,Hermit Thrush,Gray Catbirds,Black-and-white,Yellow,Yellow-rumped,and Chestnut-sided Warblers including Northern Parula. Also Field Sparrow,Eastern Towhees and a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. This neighborhood can be great and is underbirded since Frank Mantlik retired.

I did check Birdcraft briefly this morning and it was fairly quiet but  I did have the Northern Waterthrush.

Also of note,I also saw many large flocks of Double-crested Cormorants flying north as Jim Hunter had posted earlier.
Tina Green
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