[CT Birds] The Busy Season - A Request

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Apr 27 19:41:54 EDT 2016

Watching as the birds return at this season is exciting.  They settle into our yards, parks and forests, or just stop by as they pass through, and we all get excited and want to share our excitement.  And so this list gets reports of Grey Catbirds, Eastern Towhees, Yellow Warblers and House Wrens, to just pick a few.  And then more reports of them.  And then again.

With so many birds arriving, and so many birders on this list, I ask you all to show a bit of restraint.  Reporting a bird that has been widely reported already, is found all over the state, and will be around until at least mid-summer is not really news.  When we all report our FOY Yellow Warbler the list gets kind of clogged up.  A report from my back yard, which only I see, is not as interesting to everyone as a report from a park that is open to all.

I do not want to set up rules about this sort of thing.  I dislike rules (and I dislike enforcing them even more).  All it should take is for us all to read what has been reported and show a bit of restraint

Thanks, and good birding!

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT
(Yes, I am the list administrator, as most already know.  I had 8 FOY birds at Osbornedale State Park in Derby this morning, including four species of warblers.  Every one right on schedule.)

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