[CT Birds] Ferry Lane, S. Windsor - off limits

Patrice kestrel.pf at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 16:44:31 EDT 2016

Today I went to Ferry Lane, South Windsor to check for birds at the CT
River's edge. I know that many birders (& others) go onto this property

I encountered the DEEP Police enforcing "No Trespass" because the owner
does not want people on her property anymore. A recent theft of a boat is
part of the new emphasis. The private property includes the place where we
usually park, which is actually a private drive & NOT public parking and
all river access including 20 feet into the river (it's a very old Deed).

Individuals wanting to bird there will be trespassing unless they happen to
see & get at least verbal permission from the owner to be there at any
given time.

If you take issue with this - contact DEEP Police (Ed Pyznar). I'm just the



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