[CT Birds] Connecticut's open spaces-Community Investment Act

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 22:04:13 EDT 2016


I received this response after emailing state officials regarding
Connecticut's open spaces.

I think this was mentioned on this listserve.

"Thank you for your e-mail on the proposed budget being debated this
session. I appreciate you sharing your comments with me.

This proposed spending bill was debated in the Appropriations Committee.
The committee spent the last three months having hearings and working on
the details of the budget itself.  As we continue to go over the details of
that budget we are faced with more fiscal challenges that need to be
addressed. The Community Investment Act is truly a worthwhile and valuable
program. However, I can make no promises other than I will do my best to
fund the CIA properly with consideration of our future fiscal deficit."

 Rep. Charles Ferraro

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