[CT Birds] Alert: Final Hours at State Capitol to Protect Connecticut's Environment

Comins, Patrick PCOMINS at audubon.org
Tue May 3 15:27:02 EDT 2016

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Dear fellow birders

Connecticut's state legislature is scheduled to adjourn tomorrow. We urgently need you to email your state senator and representative as soon as possible to let them know you support protecting Connecticut's environment, even in challenging economic times. Please ask your elected officials to ensure critical funding for environmental programs isn't cut and to support a Constitutional Amendment to better protect our public lands.

Email your state senator and representative right now and urge them to protect Connecticut's environment. Now is the time; the legislative session is scheduled to end tomorrow: www.audubonaction.org/site/Advocacy?id=2212

It is critical Connecticut preserves one of the most important elements of a strong economy-a clean and healthy environment. Not only is such action good for our citizens, but one of the critical elements of what it takes to attract and retain talented people who choose to live here, work here, and raise their families here.

As our elected officials grapple with extremely difficult budget decisions, please urge them to maintain critical funding for the Community Investment Act and programs within the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection that help protect Connecticut's open space, wildlife, and improve overall quality of life. It is also important to restore the Council on Environmental Quality, which has served as the state's independent environmental watch-dog agency since 1971. The Governor's Third Mid-term Budget Adjustment proposal, released yesterday, would eliminate this vital agency.

In addition, urge them to support SJ36, a Constitutional Amendment that would protect our State Forests, State Parks, and other valuable state-owned public lands, which are too often sold off without first assessing the ecological effects. Lands that are ecologically valuable, important to outdoor recreation, and essential to migratory bird stopover habitat have been sold, traded or given away without public notice and engagement--not to mention the hard work and years of advocacy it took to preserve these lands.

Please send an email today and ask your state senator and representative to protect Connecticut's environment in the final hours of the legislative session: www.audubonaction.org/site/Advocacy?id=2212<http://www.audubonaction.org/site/Advocacy?id=2212>


Genese Leach
Policy Manager

Patrick M. Comins, Director of Bird Conservation, Audubon Connecticut
Phone: (203)405-9115

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