[CT Birds] Tricolored

Jerry Connolly birdshop at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 5 11:27:49 EDT 2016

Upon reviewing more pics of the heron discussed below, I'm now convinced that the bird in question is a Tricolored coming into breeding plumage, rather than the far less-likely Tricolored x Little Blue hybrid.  Thanks to Ed Haeche who sent pics showing bird with completely outstretched neck - longer and thinner than I first thought, and which showed the beginnings of a reddish neck on the top quarter of the neck.  Sorry for jumping the gun on the hybrid call!

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5/4 at Hammo:
I believe the Tricolored Heron being reported at the “micro-marsh” between the two parking lots behind the Nature Center (seen easily from the blind) is actually the Tricolored x Blue Heron hybrid that was first reported by Mark Santyr.  It has many breeding Tricolored features, but has a shorter all-dark neck and greenish legs consistent with Little Blue.

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