[CT Birds] Digging Into Bird Genealogy - A Night of Unraveling Avian Family Tree Mysteries - Tuesday, April 22

Amy Hopkins hopkinsus at cs.com
Sat May 7 00:58:22 EDT 2016

EAST HARTFORD, CT, Tuesday April22, 2016

Are allbirds related? Why are modern birds so incredibly diverse? How did ancientbirds evolve into the winged creatures that now share our planet and lives? Theanswers to these burning bird questions—and more—will surprise and enlightenyou during a fascinating evening of digging into bird genealogy. Daniel Field, adoctoral candidate at Yale University and recognized expert in avianpaleontology, will be the guest speaker at The Parrot Club's May 10 meeting,and the public is welcome to attend the program, which begins at 7 p.m. at theVeterans Memorial Clubhouse in East Hartford, Connecticut.
Field's talk, "Exploring the Avian Tree of Life,"will delve into the evolutionary relationships among the major groups of livingbirds: a topic that has challenged ornithologists for more than a century. Arecent Yale study provides a clearer picture of modern birds' ancient roots andsheds light on how these diverse creatures came to be. Whether you share yourhome with a feathered companion or enjoy observing the house sparrows andmourning doves at your bird feeder, Field's insights will change the way youthink about the birds in your world.

Field is a widely published researcher in the field ofvertebrate paleontology whose studies focus on such topics as the evolutionaryorigins of modern avian diversity. He has spent many months in the fieldstudying and photographing birds and has observed firsthand nearly 2,300 wildspecies in North and South America, Australasia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean andJapan. His wildlife videos and images have appeared in academic publications,press releases, magazine articles and television programs. He will defend hisdoctoral thesis the day prior to this program. Learn more about his work at:www.danieljfield.com.

Admission to the program is free for members of The ParrotClub, the state's oldest companion bird club, and for children ages 12 andunder. There is a $3 suggested donation for non-member adults.

The Veterans Memorial Clubhouse is located at 100 Sunset Ridge Drivein East Hartford, Connecticut. For more information about thisevent, visit the organization's Web site, www.theparrotclub.org.

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