[CT Birds] East Rock local interest

Kimberly Jannarone kimberlyjannarone at hotmail.com
Mon May 9 20:39:39 EDT 2016

A dusk walk at East Rock showed few warblers, but plenty of interesting activity.  New bird for me at the park was a COMMON NIGHTHAWK, which Josh Morse pointed out to me within seconds of bumping into him.

The BALTIMORE ORIOLES were putting on a show, with males singing and interacting all over the park between College Woods and the Covered Bridge.

A Tufted Titmouse caught my attention as it was gathering something from a large tree.  I looked, and saw it was tugging at a huge ball of fur.  Shortly, a raccoon reared its head, and the titmouse flew off.

The ethereal song of a WOOD THRUSH spiraled up out of the bottom of College Woods.  I parked myself on the grass, and soon was rewarded by the thrush taking a bath in a puddle and singing.

It appears that a pair of YELLOW WARBLERS are nesting in a bush by the covered bridge.

A Mute Swan harassed a pair of Canada Geese; a Peregrine dive-bombed a Turkey Vulture.  Exciting times.

Kimberly Jannarone

New Haven

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