[CT Birds] Granby - 5/9 - White-crowned Sparrow, Canada Warbler, Indigo Bunting

John Weeks aerie.john at cox.net
Mon May 9 21:31:50 EDT 2016

Although warblers still seem to be scarce up here in Granby, today I found nine species:  Ovenbird, Northern Parula, Chestnut-sided, Black-and-white, Yellow, Black-throated Green, Black-throated Blue, Canada and Yellowthroat.  Louisiana Waterthrushes have been present for several weeks, but none were singing today.

The White-crowned Sparrow was on private property that I have access to, and the male Indigo Bunting came to our sunflower-seed feeder!

John Weeks
North Granby

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