[CT Birds] Birding the "green belt" on the west side of New Haven

Mark Scott tillercat at yahoo.com
Wed May 11 16:19:56 EDT 2016

 5/11/16 -- a pass through contiguous wooded habitats on the west side of New Haven yielded plenty of the expected nesters but few migrants, mostly Northern parulas. The habitats include (1) Marginal Way, West Haven, a gated road which parallels the West River (park on Yale Avenue at Route 34 and cross 34 only with a walk sign; do not go alone); (2) Edgewood Park, New Haven, also not to be birded alone; and (3) the cemeteries across Whalley Avenue from Edgewood Park (park on Jewell Street and be respectful of the grounds).
On good days migrants will stream northward through these areas. The birding is not usually spectacular, but over the years has yielded yellow-bellied flycatcher, white-eyed vireo (multiple years) and mourning warbler (multiple years, and on one occasion two individuals).

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