[CT Birds] Kingbirds, blackpolls, Wilson's

Mark Scott tillercat at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 17:21:03 EDT 2016

 5/12/16 highlights; first of year at specified location marked by *:
East Rock Park, New Haven/Hamden -- in addition to the previously reported Eastern kingbird* and Eastern wood-pewee*, Swainson's thrush and veery and 17 species of warbler including blackpoll and Canada.
Beaver Ponds Park, New Haven -- Eastern kingbird*.
Edgewood Park, New Haven -- Tennessee warbler*, indigo bunting.
Marginal Way, West Haven -- 12 species of warbler including Blackburnian, Nashville and magnolia. Many more birds moving through than yesterday.
Yard, New Haven -- wood thrush, 9 species of warbler including blackpoll* and Wilson's*.
More female warblers are appearing.

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