[CT Birds] Station 43, nighthawks

Brian K briankulvete at gmail.com
Wed May 18 20:00:20 EDT 2016

I birded station 43 (Newbury rd section) South Windsor, in between work
calls at around 3pm. When I arrived, another birder informed me she saw a
couple common nighthawks about 45 minutes earlier. At around 3:30pm, they
were back, flying right over the main trail along with many species of
swallows. Got a couple barn and 3-4 rough winged and a chimney swift with
the 20+ or so tree swallows.

Also had a couple wilson's and a blackpoll in the large oak near the
platform. Just when things started heating up around 5pm, I had to head
back to work. Lots of Orioles around too.

Brian Kulvete
Bloomfield, CT

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