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Fri May 20 14:14:41 EDT 2016

I took a couple days off from work to bird my personal favorite area, Hubbard Park in Meriden.  Spring migration is normally great there, as there is everything from large-ish ponds, open meadow and tall deciduous and conifer trees.  The last two mornings didn’t disappoint.

Chestnut sided warblers
Black throated blue and black throated green warblers
Common yellow throats
Worm eating warblers
Yellow warblers
Black and white warblers
Pine warblers
Magnolia warblers
A lone yellow rumped warbler
Scarlet tanagers
Indigo buntings
Baltimore orioles
Great crested flycatchers
Hairy, downey, flicker, red bellied and pileated woodpeckers, as well as a lone yellow bellied sapsucker.
Red eyed and blue headed vireos
Veery and Wood Thrushes
Lone female hummingbird on wild columbine
Lone spotted sandpiper
Lone female bluebird
Tree swallows
Rough winged swallows
Chipping sparrows
Gold finches

The best thing occurred yesterday.  An osprey flew over meremere reservoir, chased by what appeared to be either  2 sharp shinned hawks or coopers hawks.  (Sorry, they were traveling so fast couldn’t get the square or rounded tails on them, and the park has both within it’s acreage).

Quinnepiac Audubon will be having a 7am walk at the park on Sunday, May 22.  Meet at the gate that closes off the access road to the Castle.  Google Maps lists it as the intersection of Reservoir Rd and Hubbard Park Dr.

Ricki Soucy

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