[CT Birds] Canal trail thrasher, Tennessee; East Rock Acadian

Mark Scott tillercat at yahoo.com
Mon May 23 17:10:40 EDT 2016

 5/23/16 -- Farmington Canal Trail, Hamden, between Mount Sanford Road (Cheshire town line) and the utility-line cut near Brooksvale Park -- two yellow-billed cuckoos (Ed Sadowski) and as many as six black-billed cuckoos, all vocalizing. Brown thrasher (also Ed Sadowski) at the cut; silent. One singing veery. Singing Tennessee warbler on the north side of the cut. Two singing prairie warblers and several blue-winged warblers. Blackpolls absent from the site.
East Rock Park, New Haven/Hamden -- blackpoll warblers much diminished; only two heard. Acadian flycatcher, vocalizing repeatedly, at the small park bounded by East Rock Road, Everit Street, and Livingston Street Extension a/k/a East Rock Park Road (on Google maps), the one-way road notorious for its curves. As noted previously, the pocket park is now criss-crossed by walking paths, so this area can be birded without one having to stand at the edge of the dangerous road.

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