[CT Birds] Arrivals today in New Haven area: notable numbers of females

Mark Scott tillercat at yahoo.com
Tue May 24 13:19:27 EDT 2016

 5/24/16 -- a different mix of birdsong at home from yesterday indicated there had been movement overnight. A visit to Marginal Way, West Haven, and East Rock Park, New Haven/Hamden, confirmed this.
Highlights: Marginal Way had a singing Wilson's warbler along with Northern parula and black-throated green warblers, none of which have been heard there for days. More blackpoll warblers than on the previous few days were heard as well.
East Rock Park had two singing Tennessee warblers, one on the road to the Giant Steps (English Drive) at the first sharp bend, the other in the archery field. The cliff face at the top of Giant Steps held a singing least flycatcher about twenty feet up. Two Swainson's thrushes chased each other in the archery field. The river path held a singing Canada.
Most notable were two separate pockets of birds, one in the trees at the base of the Giant Steps cliff face, the other at Trowbridge Drive at the stone bridge. The trees were full of movement, and while there was plenty of song, many were silent females. Predominant species of both sexes were Northern parula, magnolia, black-throated green, blackpoll (many of these four species) and Wilson's (1 male, 2 female). At least as many females as males were glimpsed in the full leaves. One female Canada was also seen. A nice morning.

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