[CT Birds] East River Boat Launch

Kathy Van Der Aue kathyvda at gmail.com
Fri May 27 11:38:31 EDT 2016

I finally got down there yesterday to see what had been done with the
signage.  While it isn't exactly what we discussed, I think what they have
done accomplishes the same thing.  At first glance the signs seem at cross
purposes, but understanding the difference between "Parking' and "Standing"
is the key.  They do not want parking on either side of the access roan and
have signs to that effect.  They have signs indicating standing is allowed
in the area we agreed on, which was the west side of the road.  I interpret
this as meaning we can pull over to the west side where indicated so long
as we stay in the car.  If we want to leave our cars, we need to go into
the lot and park.  All the restrictions on the lot have been removed. While
the signs we talked about: "For Wildlife Viewing Only" didn't materialize,
I think it's fine.  Perhaps creating new signs is a financial problem right

Please let me know of any problems you encounter so we can resolve them
asap.  Thanks!

Kathy Van Der Aue
Southport, Connecticut
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