[CT Birds] More ritsz-byloom than I remember Sunday at Barn Island

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Mon May 30 07:10:58 EDT 2016

Sunday morning at Barn Island my goal was reaching the meadow where I was lucky last year at this time and there were numerous songbirds and swallows present, even more than last year.  The shorebirding was slow as expected with the sun beating down a cloudless sky and the boat launch being at capacity, the highlight being a flock of imm. willets flying overhead down the first impoundment to the bay at low tide.  Willow flycatchers were found in the treetops along the trail and this year the yellowthroats and yellow warblers are turning out in numbers once more.Fritz-byloom.  First heard from a willow on the cove amidst vocal catbirds and warblers as it worked through trees.  Later I recognized fritz-byloom from yellowthroats.  I focused on what turned out was a kingbird, and the kingbird too - fritz-byloom.  Though I felt chastised to differentiate intonation or rhythm I couldn't honestly tell there was and if present it surely was a subtlety and not grandstanding like a song sparrow loosing fritsz-byloom.  Backtracking to the meadow the bugs suddenly whipped up and there was danger of being caught in a frenzy when several yellowthroats immediately came into the open with fritz-byloom and within moments the bugs were relaxed and accounted for.  Up to the meadow one towhee had an exceptional, noteworthy drink-tea-your.  The meadow hosts tens of active songbirds though I don't recall any frits-byloom; a field sparrow came out with a remarkable five-note repeating three times before heading for the marsh with several more in tow.
Brian Williams   

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