[CT Birds] E Bird Over North America

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 18:22:40 EDT 2016

I started delving into the very detailed info for which Roy provided a series of links. It's pretty daunting, but below is a nugget CTBirders will find very interesting: 

"Three states averaged the highest ranks and thus had the most thorough birding coverage in North America: Maryland, Massachusetts and Connecticut. These had high (but not extremely high) ratios of eBird checklists per capita, i.e. appreciably more lists than their population sizes would predict. Again, this translates to higher proportions of (e)birders in the populations vs. the continental average. They also ranked very high on the population density index, so these lists leave few places uncovered. Maryland and Massachusetts, but not Connecticut, also had respectably high numbers of total eBird checklists squeezed into their small areas, competing with far larger states. Maryland had 382,696 and Massachusetts had 427,443, compared to the overall median of 143,703 and mean of 223,200. Connecticut had 232,184, slightly above average. Close runner-ups were Vermont and Maine. They had very high values of eBird lists per capita and average, but not low, values on the population (hence birder) density index. This indicates that these states have some under-birded areas but overall birding activity is intensive."
Greg HanisekWatebury 

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