[CT Birds] bird window strike solution

Rubega, Margaret margaret.rubega at uconn.edu
Thu Jun 2 11:12:52 EDT 2016

On the subject of bluebirds -- or any birds --- hitting your windows: reflection is largely the problem, either because they see what they think is another bird in their territory, or your window looks like a continuation of trees and sky. Adding something to the back of a mirror wouldn't obscure your reflection; similarly, sticking things to the inside of windows doesn't interrupt the reflection the bird is seeing. As Jo-Anne notes, you can draw on the outside of the window with highlighter, and that works, but it also fades and washes off, eventually, leading to the full time job. Covering your windows from the outside is sad, since you want to look at birds through them. Hanging a row of fine-gauge chains (about the length of the window), 4-6" apart, from the eave over any problem window, does a good job of deterring birds from flying at the windows, can be left up indefinitely and is therefore a one-time job, and doesn't obscure the view. (You can also use ribbon, which is festive, but needs to be weighted at the bottom, and doesn't weather well.) You can buy lengths of chain by the yard at craft stores, or hardware stores. 

Finally: in the unfortunate case that your efforts don't save every bird, the UConn Biodiversity Research Collection is interested in all salvaged specimens, for the sake of continuing to document the distribution and diversity of birds in the state. Freeze the bird in a ziploc with a note documenting the date it died, place, and your contact information, and email either margaret.rubega at uconn.edu or susan.hochgraf at uconn.edu. 

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