[CT Birds] window strike solution

Amy Hopkins hopkinsus at cs.com
Thu Jun 2 13:01:46 EDT 2016

I have all my windows and sliders completely covered now with CollidEscape film (http://www.collidescape.org/).  I can still see out fine, though I can't photograph through the windows anymore.  The bonus is I can walk right up to the windows and the birds don't see me and spook off.  The film is quite effective. 

Another alternative I used before was a commercial product that was basically fishing line with large colored feathers hanging off it suspended from the top in front of windows.  It was pretty effective too and didn't block the view.  The feathers move in the wind, which also served to scare the birds away from the windows in addition to breaking up the view.  You can find it at Fat Robin and possibly at other bird stores too.

Amy Hopkins

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