[CT Birds] Boston Hollow/Yale Forest updates

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Tue Jun 7 20:11:53 EDT 2016

After my post of a few days ago I received some info from  fellow birders.
Ravens: I was told that the  Ravens did, in fact, have a  successful nest 
this year and successfully fledged some young. But it was very  early, before 
I got home from out west. I'd guess that was because of the  abnormally 
mild winter we had. The fledglings had to have left the nest before  May 22, 
because that was the first day I was there and it was very quiet.  Usually 
there is a real ruckus around the time the chicks are ready to fly and  shortly 
afterwards. The earliest I have previously observed the nestlings  fledging 
was June first, and usually the first week of June.
Red-shouldered Hawks: before I got home from out  west three chicks had 
been seen in the nest, not the 2 I reported. I  checked the pictures I took 
last week, and in 4 frames out of the 71 I took  there is any eye staring at me 
from between the other two  nestlings.
Yesterday morning I could see the head of one nestling in the  nest. But an 
immature  bird was standing on a branch in the tree, about 20  feet from 
the nest. I don't know that it can fly yet, but it has left the nest.  No sign 
of the third bird and it is possible it has already departed. They were  
pretty big a week ago.
CANADA WARBLERS:  I am amazed at what's going on there.  Yesterday I 
counted at least 20 singing males, and I didn't complete my normal  route because 
of time constraints. I don't believe I ever found more than 6 or 7  in one 
day before this year. And many of the birds are in locations I've never  
found them before, sometimes more than one.
it almost seems like there was a fall-out of Canada Warblers.  Now I can't 
wait to see how many stay and actually set up housekeeping. I can  only 
assume there are more females than usual as well.
However, judging by the songs, I think some of the singing  males may be 
this year's fledglings! In past years I have heard many birds that  I thought 
were probably 1st year birds because they sang songs totally unlike  the 
normal adult. And often they are singing in concert with or seemingly in  
response to birds singing normal adult songs. Yesterday I heard several such  
birds. Perhaps they also nested early this year because of the mild  winter.
Winter Wren: Yesterday I finally found a second singing male,  in an area I 
have often found them in years past. Still hoping for  more.
Don Morgan, Coventry,  Ct.
mntncougar at aol.com

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