[CT Birds] Threat to tree nesting birds

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Fri Jun 10 18:22:50 EDT 2016

For the past 3 days up here in NW CT, and I assume elsewhere, we have had continual heavy winds to 50mph plus. I noticed our big trees which are fully leafed out now, have been taking a beating from these constant gale force winds. The upper half branches especially have been hit the worst, being constantly in maximum motion. I know at this time, many bird species are now nesting in these tree branches, such as Oriels, Vireos, and many others. I can not believe with this continual extreme wind beating they have been getting for 3 days now, that any branch nests are still intact or even there. Many I'm sure have in them eggs and young, and I might also assume these have been blown out of the nests as well. Are there any studies you might know of, on bird nests and the effect severe winds have on them? I observed one very big and tall Oak tree in my yard during a continual blast of winds, look like the branches were about to be blown off!
Paul Carrier - Harwinton      

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