[CT Birds] tanager, towhees, and indigo bunting recordings for June (Griswold/Voluntown)

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Thu Jun 23 02:20:08 EDT 2016

This year the songs from migratory birds are well enough spread around that the opportunity for recording is far above recent years.  Trying for an audio capture from one singing bird is an iffy proposal but when several are in on it then the odds are favorable.  The links below play videos made with a point-and-shoot which has a decent audio capability, in other words less than a professional.  The singing bird is a male scarlet tanager and probably one who followed me a ways through a section of forest beneath Glasgo Pond where many other tanagers were active.  Google earth shows this location as approx. 1300 yards from the Buttonwoods Farms Ice Cream stand at the intersection of 201 and 165.There are thirty seconds of towhee and 30 seconds of indigo bunting I uploaded last night from Hopeville Pond on the other links.BTW I do not and have never used audio reproduction to affect the behavior of wildlife and our relevant state statutes are pretty explicit in these terms.  Besides it must rank near the bottom of preferable ways to acknowledge any certain bird.  I'm not taking a poll here that's just my personal directive.

scarlet tanager on Kinne Brook

towhees at Hopeville Pond State Park

indigo bunting at Hopeville Pond State Parkhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/96606904@N05/27748706972/in/dateposted-public/

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