[CT Birds] Barkhamsted - Goshawk

John Marshall johnmarshall47 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 11:26:35 EDT 2016

I got a call from Dave Rosgen last evening. Wednesday evening he had an
adult male Goshawk at Upper Greenwoods Recreation Area (the same area where
he had the Hermit Warbler last winter) which is across the river from the
intersection of Routes 181 & 318 in Pleasant Valley. Here is his
description from eBird:

This bird was an adult male that I saw very well in excellent evening light
as it flew straight toward me at eye-level chasing an American Robin down
the service road just below the handicapped fishing pier. The robin flew
right over my right shoulder while the Goshawk veered to the left when it
got within 20' of me. It made a wide circle around me, affording me
excellent side views, and then returned to the road about 30' down from me.
It disappeared into the woods below the split between the 2 sections of the
road, and i don't think it got the Robin. This whole thing lasted for about
2 minutes, but w/ my eyes and 8x40 binoculars I was able to see its dark
slate gray back, pale gray, vertically speckled underbody, prominent white
eyebrow, bright red eyes, and longish, straight tail. I am very familiar
with this species, having worked with them often in the 1980's when they
were regular breeders here.

John Marshall

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