[CT Birds] Ramble On: Madison/Clinton line

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 00:58:47 EDT 2016

I've realized that many (but not all) birds seen from the end of the Moraine Trail are seen IN Middlesex County FROM New Haven County.  I've been to Hammonasset more times than I should've gone and I put a lot of notes in my eBird reports.  But since I just found out about this, I've never noted when a bird I saw from the MT was in both counties.  I don't know exactly where the dividing line is.  I don't keep county lists anyways.  Sorry, I'm just rambling.  I just find it very strange that I never knew that this little snippet of land connected to the end of Madison is actually part of Clinton.
Tim AntanaitisPortland
I just saw my first Rock Pigeon in Portland today - on the Arrigoni Bridge.  I guess its kinda cool they're hard to find here - which is weird because if you go over the bridge they're everywhere in Middletown.
Ramble On by Led Zeppelin is the only song I know of that mentions Gollum from Lord of the Rings. 

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