[CT Birds] 3 young barred owls in Barkhamsted

sosipatra sosipatra at aol.com
Mon Jun 27 14:27:38 EDT 2016

I was driving home at dusk last night on Park Road in Barkhamsted (east side of Peoples State Forest) and I noticed three "birds" in the road. They were dusky colored and I couldn't make out what they were but they were big enough to notice. As I pulled closer I saw they were 3 young barred owls.

They flew up into a tree and two of them remained on a branch while I got out of the car with my cell phone. I always travel with my camera but, alas, did not have it this time. The photos turned out surprisingly well considering it was almost dark and this was a cell phone.

They remained there while I photographed them and made little noises. It was quite magical. After about a minute they decided they'd had enough and flew off.

Ginny Apple

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