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Anyone out there with Bluebird knowledge. I have been following a pair of BB's in my backyard for nearly 5 weeks. For the past two weeks both parents have been non stop feeding from sunrise till dark. I have not seen the female since Friday of last week. Today for nearly 4 hours the male who might not be the father has been delivering worms, bugs, grasshoppers on a very timely basis. The reason I say not the chick's father it has different markings on its chest and he's not as intense in color. Despite this he's doing a super job at keeping the youngsters fed. From what I can tell there are 4 babies. Since I've seen 4 mouths. They all come to the hole to greet the food. I attempted to open the box but only cracking it I was fearful the chick's would fall out. So I will keep eyeing them until the fledge which I'm guessing will be towards the end of this week.

So my ??? R what could have happened to the female or the pair for that matter if it is indeed another male who has taken over the feeding duties.

Just to chime in on the Silver Sands ATV incident and others asking that responsible birders and skilled photographers stay off Milford Point so as not to stress the birds when no matter what the authority tries to do to keep these birds safe until people especially young people are educated to the harms and destruction ATV cause and parents who allow their children to run wild, I fear there is no end to this problem. I was asked last Monday by Rebecca to give two piping plovers their space at MP. They weren't enclosed right out in the open. Since I've been fortunate enough to see more than my share of piping plovers I packed up and left, despite the fact of being educated by Steve Spector the best at what he does.

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