[CT Birds] gynandromorphic Swallowtail vs. catbirds

Emmayct at cs.com Emmayct at cs.com
Tue Jun 28 19:58:00 EDT 2016

I had an unusual occurance. Whenever I find butterfly eggs I raise them out 
and release them hoping to increase their chances and maybe learn a thing 
or two. On Monday one of my Black Swallowtail pupae produced a 
gynandromorphic adult, with male markings on the left wings, female markings on the right. 

I was amazed, but as I thought to release him/her, I remembered the hungry 
pair of Catbirds with nestlings that have been gleaning every bug in sight, 
not to mention the chickadee family and the Cardinals with an only child.

I hate to release such a rarity into sudden death but I can't think of a 
place where catbirds are not this year. 

Any thoughts as to this? Are butterflies common food for these birds?

Maryann in Niantic</HTML>

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