[CT Birds] Hawks and Hummers

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Sat Jul 2 22:09:56 EDT 2016

After almost 7 weeks of self-imposed silence, both of our locally breeding hawks-Red-shouldered and Broad-winged-have begun to vocalize again. The Red-shoulders have been particularly noisy and conspicuous; both the male and female have been circling the neighborhood. The Broad-wings have not shown themselves. My assumption is that they have both nested successfully and the fledglings are out of the nests, though I have not seen any immatures. 
Male Scarlet Tanager has been singing all week; apparently cruising for a second go-round. Male and female seen near each other yesterday (July 1) in our black oak (only half-eaten by the gypsy moth monsters).
I have observed a hummingbird behavior that I have not noticed in the past: the male and female have different feeding styles at our feeder. The male invariably hovers while nectaring, and gives one or two chitter notes between dips into the feeder; it may rest on the rim of the feeder, but will only feed while hovering. The female slurps silently, and always sits on the feeder rim, never hovering. Don’t know if this is a male-female preference, or just 2 individual birds with different ways of doing it. One conjecture: the female has built a nest, sat on eggs, and fed her fledglings; perhaps she even has a second brood. This feeding behavior may be a way to conserve energy. Has anyone else observed differences in feeding styles? 

Rob Mirer

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