[CT Birds] Interesting Snowy Egret in Guilford

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 15:37:23 EDT 2016

This afternoon Dan Field and I observed a [presumed] Snowy Egret that
had Little Egret-like head plumes in the marsh at Shell Beach. Though
distant, we were able to study this bird through our scopes for some
time. I am confident that this bird is NOT a Little Egret, as the bird
otherwise looked pretty typical for Snowy Egret in size, structure,
and plumage. Notably, bright yellow lores, rounded crown and smallish
bill giving gentle expression, bushy rear crown/nape, recurved back
plumes, same size as nearby Snowy Egret. However, the bird had two
obviously very long and sturdy white plumes that would have looked
perfectly normal on the head of a standard Little Egret, a species
with which I am familiar. The two long plumes waved in the breeze as
the bird fed in the marsh.

This feature has been documented in apparent Snowy Egrets (or
potential hybrids) before, including at least once in Connecticut. For
some reading, see here:


Unfortunately my digiscoped photos are really no good. If anyone is in
the area over the coming days with a camera, please look for this bird
and attempt to photo document.

I will post more detail and my very poor images either later today or tomorrow.

Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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