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'Having audio problems on the arcane computer right now, so I haven't listened.
But, I used to listen to a LP of Warbler song, put out by the Union of Ontario Naturalists.  The Old Guard would chide me, "Don't listen to that, all those versions, you'll get confused!"  As if a Peterson tape was all one needed. (These are the same  ones who said you could never hold more than one Club bird walk a month - no one would ever show - LOL!)
That ol' platter was invaluable for learning various pre-breeding and breeding territory songs. What a great resource.  

Steve MayoBethany

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The three suggestions I've gotten so far for the bird I heard  in Boston 
Hollow are Blackburnian Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler and  Northern Parula. 
All three were birds I considered as possibilities. But I  believe it is most 
likely a Parula. I've found a few recordings that sound quite  similar, and 
the habitat is the best fit for that, by far. Until someone else  mentioned 
it I was reluctant to assume that as the bird, because it is one I  don't 
often see in the Yale forest. I doubt they nest there, and I don't  know 
where they do, but a bird just showing up now is likely post-nesting season  
dispersal, and it could even be working it's way south. I think it's even  
possible it's a juvenile bird, which might account for the odd  song.
I had a Hooded Warbler the other day and I assume that might be  the same 
situation, since I've never had any evidence of nesting or even  found one 
there before. However, I do know locations within 10 miles or so where  they 
definitely do nest. In both these cases there was no sign of the bird the  
next day.

Don Morgan, Coventry,  Ct.
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