[CT Birds] New bird for my car-repair shop list

John Weeks aerie.john at cox.net
Thu Jul 7 10:31:53 EDT 2016

It pays to get your car fixed, sometimes in unexpected ways.

This morning, my wife Chris and I dropped her car off at Last Chance Garage in North Granby.  We were standing in the parking lot when I distinctly heard the song of a mourning warbler.  ???!  I couldn't believe my ears.  The elevation of the garage lot is about 270 ft, and the bird was singing in a narrow tree belt separating the garage from the business site next door.  I lured it out with my iBirdPro app, and we both had good looks at the bird, a somewhat scruffy-looking adult male.

July 7th seems a bit early for post-nesting dispersal, much less fall migration, and I can't for a moment believe the bird nested in this spot.  Any theories?

John Weeks
Chris Chinni

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