[CT Birds] Milford Point Whimbrel

Deborah Kral nymare at optonline.net
Mon Jul 11 07:45:39 EDT 2016

>I was glad to see this posted because I hesitated to post it myself -- I 
>too saw the whimbrel around 11:50 >>this morning flying west across 
>Lordship Marsh (toward Milford).

Thanks for sharing the information with the list, Frank.  The Whimbrel was a 
lifebird for me but not being a "shore birder" I didn't realize it was a 
"good bird"!  I saw and photographed it at 1:10 pm.  It had circled the 
"pool" off the Milford observation stand on the Sound side, but there were 
probably too many people around so it continued flying eastwards.

Thank you to Patrick and Stefan and my fellow volunteers at Stratford Point 
yesterday.  That site is going from "amazing" to "awesome" with all the 
native plantings!  It was also really nice to put some faces to names that I 
have seen on this list!!!

Good birding everyone!

Deb Kral 

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