[CT Birds] More volunteers needed over the next few days at Stratford Point

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I neglected to say this is at Stratford Point 1207 Prospect Drive, Stratford.  They will be working from around 9 AM to around 4:30 PM each day.


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Subject: More volunteers needed over the next few days

Sacred Heart University, thanks to funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's Long Island Sound Futures Fund has purchased some huge trees for Stratford Point.  They thought they would have enough folks to get them all in the ground, but it is proving to be a bigger task than expected.  The holes are being dug by a backhoe, but anyone who could come help shovel dirt back into the holes over the next 3 days would be much appreciated.   These trees are going to make an instant difference and include some 20' tall red oaks, hackberries, red maples and 3 huge holly trees (already with berries and big enough to host owls).   Also in the mix are 15 large black gum trees and a bunch of serviceberries...don't worry, these are all going where they won't impact the views and the open aspect of the site...just where they will improve the bird stopover habitat and birding opportunities.

I know this is short notice and weekdays, but any help would be much appreciated.  I won't be here tomorrow, but will be off and on Thursday and Friday.  There's a good chance you'll get a good bird when I'm not here tomorrow!

Thank you!

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