[CT Birds] A Whipping Success

twomirers at comcast.net twomirers at comcast.net
Tue Jul 12 19:48:36 EDT 2016

Hey, Party Pooper Paul-thanks for injecting a note of reality into this report. So I checked Bent and sure enough he says two eggs. Who knew? Did you know this tidbit already, or were you suspicious and looked it up? Not that there is a law of nature that says thou shalt not lay more than 2 eggs. Somewhere, at some time, an E. Whip must have laid 4 eggs. But alas, you’re right, this person probably was seeing fledglings of some other species. Getting back to her will not help at this point. The thing for me to do is hang around her farm in the evening starting late next May, and ask her to take photos (or call me) if she sees potential evidence of reproductive success. 
Question: wasn’t the grassland restoration project at the Suffield WMA a mitigation effort for the Grasshopper Sparrow (for the destruction at Rentschler)? Does it appear the the sparrows are nesting there?

Rob Mirer

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