[CT Birds] Quinebaug Valley Hatchery- Fledged Kestrels and more

Dyl Pedro pedrodyl at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 12 20:57:19 EDT 2016

Hey CTBirders.
Highlights from a stop at the hatchery on my way home today:
Least Sandpiper (2)- Not my first of season but pretty close. At the "shorebird" pond until one of the kestrels found them and flushed them away.
Great Blue Heron (est. 35)- So many. All around the hatchery ponds.
Indigo Bunting (4)- Battling for territory
American Kestrel (4)- 2 juveniles giving begging calls to the dad (a sound I'm pretty sure I've never heard before) with the mom a fair distance away. I recorded the begging call and embedded it into the checklist below.
Other, less-vertebrate highlights:
Spot-winged Glider dragonfly, flying across the fieldsViceroy butterflyMonarch butterfly, 2 mating. My first of season
Full list here:http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S30662908

Happy "fall migration"!
Dylan Pedro, Burrillville RIpedrodyl at yahoo.com

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