[CT Birds] White Egret, New Hartford

Ben Silane bensilano at netscape.net
Tue Jul 19 17:15:22 EDT 2016

I saw a white egret today, that may be injured. It was under the bridge in Stub Hollow area of New Hartford. I came across some concerned people trying to entice the bird into a dog carrier. They told me that a local wildlife facility that they contacted, told them they would take it.  I let them know that they could be aggressive and it may be a better idea to let it be. I was able to get within a foot of it. I couldn't see any injuries. So I got all humans to back away from the bird. Once we were a few yards away, the egret stood up and walked down stream from us. It stretched it's wings and flapped them a few times but didn't fly away. 
Does anyone have input on the birds behavior. If it was injured, I'm hoping we did the right thing on letting it be.   

I have pictures I can email to anyone if interested. 

Ben Silano
New Hartford

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