[CT Birds] Protect your cats and smaller dogs from coyotes, fishers, etc.

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 21:11:24 EDT 2016

A heads-up reminder to all pet owners....
Subject: Not so peaceable kingdom
Date: Sun Jul 24 2016 18:02 pm
From: sylviasmiskoe AT gmail.com

While this is not very bird related it is important enough to report.  This
afternoon a coyote sunned itself in the lower half of my back field and
less than a week ago one of my son's cats disappeared in the night after
some banging, growling and cat cries.

Sylvia Miskoe, Concord, NH

And our veterinarian last week told me about similar pet-disappearance
events in Glastonbury and nearby, more this year than usual.

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