[CT Birds] Stratford Point Black Tern, Bobolinks

Comins, Patrick PCOMINS at audubon.org
Wed Aug 3 09:39:18 EDT 2016

Bill Banks and Greg Hanisek had a Black Tern here at Stratford Point this morning.   It flew by to the north fairly close.   They often stick around for a while here.  The rips over the sandbars or Milford Point might be good places to look considering the trajectory.  Scopes are generally useful for such sightings here, but this one flew by pretty close.

There was a Bobolink in the feed plot this morning for the 5th day in a row.   They seem to be enjoying the foxtail millet.   They are generally regular here in the fall, but usually as flyovers.  Nice to see the feed plot is drawing them in.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped us plant it back in May and to those who donated seed!  Now let's find something like a Harris' Sparrow.

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