[CT Birds] chimney swifts and whip-poor-wills, Griswold

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Wed Aug 3 23:34:41 EDT 2016

It was a surprising evening for a day not unlike any other.  As I was heading out about 19:00 there was a flock of twelve chimney swifts flying together, the first flock I've seen away from downtown this season.  Going to hike on some side trails in Pachaug Forest (Griswold) I wasn't really looking for birds but rather foxgloves and false pennyroyals, though there were none tonight there also weren't weevils of any consequence.  So I started to backtrack and I hear a gnatcatcher calling, then as I continue a whip-poor-will really lays in some trademark bars, going on seveeral minutes before another is answering in a slightly higher pitch.  A third whip-poor-will sang a few soft bars in unison with the same pitch.  It has been seasons since I last heard the calls going on into night.   
Brian Williams   

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