[CT Birds] New London Ferry, 8/9

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Tue Aug 9 18:28:42 EDT 2016

I was joined by Roy Harvey, Elena Coffey, Dana Campbell, Jeri Duefrene and Donna (sorry didn't get Donna's last name) today on the 11 AM ferry from New London to Orient Point, and back again on the 1 PM ferry.  Birding was a bit slow, but it was still a great day to be on the water, and we all had fun.  Highlights from NY waters -
-  2 Roseate Terns
-  300 Common Terns - most in one large feeding flock in the rips at Orient Point - the boat went right through the flock giving excellent close views of calling and feeding birds.  About 50 more in CT waters, most in/around New London harbor
-  1 im. Great Cormorant on the rocks at Orient Point (has anyone else noticed that when you have a mixed flock of cormorants the Great will be on the highest perch above the Double-cresteds?)
-  1 or 2 distant terns that were likely Royals.  But the distance was too great to be sure
Our best opportunity for good birds in CT was when we passed by an active fishing boat with a nice group of gulls at the boat and a line of birds behind it.  But we could only pick out Herring/Black-backed/Laughing Gulls.
And when we re-entered New London harbor we spotted 3 Black Vultures soaring over Groton.
Here are links to the eBird reports -
I'm hoping to take ferry rides every few weeks as the summer/fall progresses, and will send out posts on the listserve in advance of each trip to see if we can get a bunch of birders together for the ride.  More eyes the better!
Mike Resch
Pepperell, MA

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